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Lost State Writers Guild

           December 7, 2017

       hugh webb

       Hugh Webb

     Plot and Theme

  Need both? How?

Hugh says: My idea is to address what I see as a growing problem in approaching storytelling in general. As I see it, many people mix plot and theme together as if they were about the same things. In our area in particular, personal narratives often form the backbone of storytelling. Many storytellers prefer to talk more about plot than theme. Steven James, in my opinion, did a great job of discussing plot without addressing theme.
Hugh proposes to develop some good working definitions of the value of theme as distinguished from plot. In particular, he would like to discuss how a writer can profit by beginning with a strong theme in mind, borrowed from the tried and true, before developing a suitable plot.
The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning. Mark Twain
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