Lost State Writers Guild


Scheduled Meetings

Lost State writers monthly meetings are on the first Thursday of each month, alternating between the three cities of Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol. All writers and readers are welcome to attend meetings for encouragement, information and fellowship. At most meetings a speaker will share writing expertise or information about their own writing journey.

2017 Locations and Speakers

Kingsport, TNGolden Corral Restaurant, 11:30amJack White Drive
Johnson City, TNGolden Corral Restaurant, 11:30amBrowns Mill Road
Bristol, VAShoney's Restaurant, 11:30am Exit 5, off I-81

2017 Speaker and Activity Schedule

January 5, 2017Johnson CityMadge Rohrer
February 2, 2017BristolDavid Browning
March 2, 2017KingsportMike Samerdyke
April 6, 2017Johnson CitySteven James
May 4, 2017BristolRufus Skeens
June 1, 2017KingsportWriting Exercise
JulyNo MeetingNo Meeting
August 3, 2017Johnson CityTBA
September 7, 2017BristolRita Quillen
October 5, 2017KingsportJoe Tennis
November 2, 2017Johnson CityFred Sauceman
December 7, 2017BristolChristmas Program

2016 Speaker and Activity Schedule

January 7, 2016BristolCarl Clarke
February 4, 2016KingsportJack Beck
March 3, 2016Johnson CityJennifer Bauer
April 7, 2016BristolJoe Tennis
May 5, 2016KingsportAundria Wilcox
June 2, 2016Johnson CityTamara Baxter
JulyNo MeetingNo Meeting
August 4, 2016BristolGary Sizer
September 1, 2016KingsportNeva Bryan
October 6, 2016Johnson CityPatty Nichols
November 3, 2016BristolWendy Welch
December 1, 2016KingsportWriting Ex-Mike S

2015 Speaker and Activity Schedule

January 8, 2015KingsportTom Fugate
February 5, 2015Johnson CitySaundra Kelley
March 5, 2015BristolGayle Trent-canceled
April 2, 2015KingsportJoe Tennis
May 7, 2015Johnson CityJanie Jesse
June 4, 2015BristolGayle Trent
JulyNo MeetingNo Meeting
August 6, 2015KingsportWriting Workshop
September 3, 2015Johnson CityLeon Overbay
October 1, 2015BristolLinda Hoagland
November 5, 2015KingsportChristmas Writing exercise
December 3, 2015Johnson CityLS Authors Present

2014 Schedule

January 2, 2014Johnson CityReadings
February, 6, 2014BristolVicki Fletcher
March, 6, 2014KingsportNo Show
April 3, 2014Johnson CityLinda Hoagland
May 1, 2014BristolWorkshop
June 5, 2014KingsportDarla Dye
JulyNo MeetingNo Meeting
August 7, 2014Johnson CityScott Pratt
September 4, 2014BristolGretchen McCroskey
October 2, 2014KingsportVicki Fletcher
November 6, 2014Johnson CitySteven James
December 4, 2014BristolChristmas Wrtg Activity

2013 Schedule

January 3, 2013BristolReadings
February 7, 2013KingsportSharon Robinson
March 7, 2013Johnson CityJustin Doak, Stellar Studio
April 4, 2013BristolWorkshop, Leadership discussion
May 2, 2013KingsportSylvia, PR Wkshop
June 6, 2013Johnson CityClaudia Ware
July, 2013No MeetingNo Meeting
August 1, 2013BristolHugh Webb
September 5, 2013KingpsortScott Pratt
October 3, 2013Johnson CityKeith Donnelly
November 7, 2013BristolJanice Hornburg
December 5, 2013KingsportChristmas Wrtg Activity